Briefly About Us

Back in 2006, we opened our first office in London intending to conquer the investment market. Having decent capital at the start, we were able to select an excellent team of partners and like-minded people formed by the best universities in the UK and having experience in the stock market.

Already in 2008, we opened an office in New York and became active participants of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and in some sectors, we have become leaders in successful trading operations. In 2011, the company's assets exceeded USD 4.5 billion. The company's staff and the number of partners grew, and we had large branches and subsidiaries in Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, and Frankfurt by 2013.

The stock market, namely stock exchanges, is constantly developing in the direction of IT technologies. The emergence of cryptocurrencies has forever changed the global economy and business conduct in general. The advent of electronic platforms has made a sensational leap in the development of the stock market, as it allowed trading online 24 hours a day.

Many years of experience in trading on the stock markets and an excellent team of professionals helped us grow and create our own innovative online platform GoldsTrade. Our IT specialists put a lot of effort into creating the platform, as our priority was convenience at work and security during trading operations.


Working with the GoldsTrade platform and being our partner, you can be confident in the safety and security of your assets since, as a financial institution, we understand the risks that arise in the investment market. Our specialists will help you invest your assets profitably, and our support team will always answer your questions.

Our company is actively developing, and the release of the GoldsTrade mobile app with support in the App Store and Google Play is planned for the second quarter of 2022. This app will help you control your assets and income from anywhere in the world.

Being an active player in the cryptocurrency market and having signed a contract with one of the biggest IT companies, we are working fruitfully on the release of our own cryptocurrency GTRcoin.

Personal Safety

Safe deposit

The main part of our clients' funds is stored in a so-called "Safe deposit". These are wallets with multiple signatures, the private keys of which are stored in different bank vaults. No employee of the company has access to more than one key. Using the funds from the "Safe deposit" requires a coordinated effort with multiple layers of encryption and security checks. Key backups are also stored encrypted.

Investment wallet

Part of the funds required for urgent investment is stored in the "Investment Wallet". Several employees with different security clearances have access to secure and speed up the withdrawal of funds for urgent investment. Shared control of the keys between multiple employees makes the wallet much more secure.


Passwords are stored hashed: no one but you ever has access to your password. We make sure that users use strong passwords when registering with GoldsTrade. We recommend using Lastpass, Keychain, Keepass, or another trusted password manager to create and track a strong password.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is supported to provide another layer of authentication and guarantee complete security to our clients.

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Company security principles

All web services and data exchange take place over channels protected by the SSL protocol (https). Wallets are stored using PGP encryption. No one has direct access to client funds, and regular financial and security audits ensure that funds are always safe and fully accounted for.

All our personnel is trained in security issues and required to comply with the company's security policy.


Private Company

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