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We don’t know who You are: an experienced investor with millions of capitals, a civil servant, an engineer, or a nursery teacher, but we know who We are and what We can do for each of You!

GoldsTrade is a company that was founded in 2006 with the goal of increasing capital and assisting people around the world! We were able to find an excellent team of partners and like-minded people with the education of the best universities in Great Britain and experience in the stock market.

Today, our subsidiaries and we have hundreds of offices in the largest cities of the world! GoldsTrade is an officially registered company and operates within the framework of international law.

Our activities are regulated by the Securities Committee of Europe, the GoldsTrade company has trade licenses such as CYSEC, FSA. The trust of our customers, as well as their security, is a priority in the operation of our platform.

Having overcome the financial crises of the last decades and continuing our successful work during the pandemic, we continue to attract millions of dollars to conduct successful transactions and support all our investors!

Working with us and being our partner, you can ensure not only your bright future, but also take care of the future of your grandchildren! GoldsTrade is your guarantor in the future!

0,9% per day smart for 20 days
Amount ranges: from 10$ to 200$
details you will receive
118% at the end

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GoldsTrade Company, taking care of profit and security of our customers’ assets, using many years of experience and professionalism of our traders when trading on various trading platforms and exchanges, as well as using competent trading strategies, has developed innovative tariff plans with various interest rates and conditions for withdrawing the funds received, which allows us to be several steps ahead of our competitors.

Join the GoldsTrade team and feel confident about the future.

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