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Affiliate Program

GoldsTrade appreciates everyone who has joined our team and is our representative; your trust and the choice made are very important to us. Our Partners receive income thanks to the correct distribution of investments.

All the contributions of our Partners go to the opening of an investment portfolio, in which different transactions are opened at different tariffs, thanks to the experience of the team and the use of strategies, the entire portfolio gives income that we can distribute among Partners.

It is for our teamwork that we can form millions of capitals, which increases profits and bonuses many times according to the 5-level referral program developed by us. By earning money, you have an opportunity to help others learn about the GoldsTrade investment platform and get an additional source of income.

Any registered user can become a member of our affiliate program. Becoming a Partner of the GoldsTrade company, you do not need to open your own deposit. By attracting new investors, you can get a stable income without risks and investments.

Being a Partner and working together with an officially registered financial company, you get many advantages. All your transactions will be verified by the employees of the GoldsTrade Legal Department, and our specialists will help you to avoid the risks that may arise during the implementation of trading operations.

You need to trust the team of GoldsTrade professionals and get a stable profit.


Profit growth

The 5-level referral program gives you an opportunity to make a profit not only from personally attracted partners, but also from those whom they invite.

  • level 13%
  • level 22%
  • level 31%
  • level 40,5%
  • level 50,5%

Quick accruals

The interest from the opening of deposits by invited partners is instantly credited to your account and you can use it to open your own deposit or withdraw it from the system.

Income without risks and investments

Even without having your own deposits, you will make a profit from every deposit opened by your partners.

By cooperating with the GoldsTrade company and being our Partner, you can help other people by telling them about the advantages of working with our company, about the possibilities of obtaining a stable profit from secure investments and attracting new partners. Share your referral link and get additional profit.